About Us

Shooting, for both target practice, competition shooting, sport shooting or hunting, is a bunch of fun. It can however also become quite a hassle, or stressful, if you struggle to get yourself, or your rifle shooting well, or accurately. Some rifles come straight from the factory with inherent accuracy, and some need a bit of setting up or customization to get accurate. Some rifle like factory ammunition, and some rifles prefer custom loaded ammo. Some calibers have a high degree of tolerance and offer inherent accuracy with most load configurations, and some wildcat calibers need to have the load set up perfectly or it will lose it’s accuracy.

Whatever your rifle or caliber, if you are like most shooters, you want to shoot accurately, and that is the purpose of this site. It was born out of our passion for shooting, and shooting accurately, consistently. Yes we all have that old faithful rifle in .270 win, or 308, that just eats up any factory ammo you can throw at it, and will group well at 100 yards, and bring down the animals you hunt with it, but when it gets to longer ranges, and more competitive environments, those all need improvements to get them to perform consistently at longer distances.

We have collaboratively spent thousands of hours, loading, testing, shooting and reloading, so you don’t have to. We also do not claim to know best, or know it all. We are merely sharing the methods that we have found to work for us, and thousands of other readers we have helped in the past.

We are still human and DO OFTEN still make mistakes, so if you see any mistakes, or feel something we say is incorrect or can be improved, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page and let us know.