Build Your Own Reloading Bench

by Admin | Last Updated: June 4, 2020

If you are reading this, you have probably already felt the great, meditating benefits of loading your own ammunition, and fine tuning your load to achieve the greatest your rifle can offer. Load development, loading and reloading of ammo is an art form, and one that can both excite and relax alike.

As with most intricate activities, reloading requires a dedicated space, some even call it their sacred space. Some create a whole dedicated room, others merely a corner of another room, and other just in a small cupboard. No matter what your preference, one thing that you cannot reload without, is a bench, or work surface, as most of the equipment, including the reloading press and powder measure needs to be clamped or bolted down.

Here is the plan for a DIY basic reloading bench or reloading table, that can be built with minimal materials and skill, and works very well for the purpose.

The plan has been drawn up in CAD, to ensure maximal use of materials, which ensures minimal wastage, and low costs.

Materials Needed:

Dimension & Cut Plan:

reloading bench plan

Put Together:

reloading bench

Finished Product:

finished reloading bench